About us

About us


By nature, human beings have always felt the need and curiosity to visit new places, discover new ways of thinking and perceiving the world, and learn from other cultures and life styles.

Today, travelers are more sensitive to the impact of their trip to the region that attracts them and seek a unique, authentic and unforgettable experience. One of the most common ways to do this is to travel. All of these experiences open the minds of the travelers to new places, new encounters and new perceptions of reality that will enrich their personal knowledge, which can be used in their personal and professional lives.

Being aware of this, we created the travel agency LAMALPACA, which is oriented towards totally personalized tourism with quality services based on the following 4 points:

   1.Customer service 24/7.

   2.Direct prices without intermediaries.

   3.Experts in withdrawn or uncommon tours.

   4.100% customizable tours.

Based on these four points, our company offers responsible tourism to discover Latin America, its culture, its history, its fauna, its flora, its landscapes, its beaches and its isolated populations in modern times.

Do not hesitate to send us your project (no strings attached) and one of our travel advisors will respond as soon as possible.

Good Speed!!!

The Lamalpaca's Team


Arnaud Founder & Director (Franco Peruvian)

After discovering Peru and Latin America in 2004, I settled in Peru in the white city of Arequipa in 2008. Currently married and the father of two children, I have 10 years of experience in tourism that has allowed me to know and develop nontraditional tourist circuits or tours in many regions.

As the current director of the circuitperou.com agency I created this adventure known as LAMALPACA to offer authentic tours through Latin America.

Luis Nasca Operations

With a degree as a tour guide, Luis has extensive experience in the field and speaks French and Italian very well.

Like many Peruvians, Luis always has a smile and will be delighted to provide explanations and all of his dedication. He is our right-hand man in Nasca!

Jorge Puno Operations

Jorge is our local representative in Puno. He is a living encyclopedia, is passionate about history and nature, and is very involved in the development of rural communities in the region. Jorge speaks French and will surprise you with all the legends he will tell you as you explore Lake Titicaca.

Féliciano Cusco Operations

Feliciano is our local representative in the region of Cusco, the most visited region of Peru. With a degree in business administration and tourism, Feliciano has over 20 years of experience in tourism as a travel agency manager, but also as a tour guide.

He is elemental in our organization and we try to put him with each of our groups. Féliciano speaks French and Quechua and he likes archeology, anthropology, geology and botany. He is a mastermind of the Cusco region.

24/7 Client

Our presence in Peru, with our main agency in Arequipa and local correspondents in each city, allows us to offer personalized follow-up 24/7 throughout your trip to Peru. If you have any questions or problems, we are at your disposal 24-hours a day through an emergency number, with which you will be able to reach us throughout your trip.

Nature and adventure
Travel expert

“Always looking for new experiences outside the very touristy roads, thanks to you, we were able to explore alternative and original routes, combining innovation and tradition, authenticity and sensation.

Our favorite tour is: The Three Worlds 16D/15N!”

No intermediary
Direct price

We work directly with each of our service providers and we do not have intermediaries between them and us, whether they are tour guides, restaurants, transporters or others, we know each one of them and, therefore, we have direct prices with them.

100% customizable

If you are interested in one of our tours, but you want to make several changes, this is possible because all of our circuits are 100% customizable, and will be done several times if necessary. If no circuit meets your expectations and you prefer to entrust us with the development of a 100% customized tour according to your wishes, we invite you to contact us through our PERSONALIZED TOURS section. We will respond in less than 24 hours, no matter the day that your request is sent.