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“Older adults, between the ages of 64 and 67 years old, dream of a trip to Peru! With Arnaud Chabrière, we looked for "The city of the gods" in a way that adapted to our physical condition to make the most of our stay. A gradual rise to the heights and a moderate consumption of “mate de coca” (coca-leaf tea) made all of our wishes possible and we were able to visit the sites we had selected. Our three guides: Dennis, Féliciano and Tito, took care of us and permanently adapted to our wishes.

High-quality accommodations in the domestic flights, vehicles and boats for Lake Titicaca, as well as the train (the Andean explorer) from Cuzco to Puno. To have fun after Machu Picchu, we enjoyed the night at the hotel Samanapac Ollantaytambo, in a very comfortable room, as well as breakfast with "traditional," very pleasant background music. (We did not expect to listen to Bach and Verdi in this environment but rather to "Andean music.") I am sending you two photos that we have selected from the 780. A big hello to Dennis, Feliciano and Tito.


Alain & Elisabeth Sassier (France)

“We wish to express our total satisfaction with the service you have provided, which has contributed to the total success of our trip. The program was varied, dynamic, and unconventional.

- Hotels, restaurants and selected menus with perfect service. - Choice of sites and discovery of the native population (Cabanaconde - Llachon - Luquina Chico, etc.). - Choice of competent and passionate local guides. - Transportation in a comfortable minibus and our driver was always patient, smiling and careful in an adorable way, thanks to Julian.

In summary, we want to thank you for allowing us to have such a high-quality trip. Friendship.”

Eliane & Jean Pierre Le Roch (France)

“We want to thank your agency for the custom-made organization of our honeymoon. The excellent planning of transportation, hotel reservations and excursions allowed us to fully enjoy our trip without worrying about the next day. We also appreciated your availability once we were there.

This discovery-rich trip allowed us to observe exceptional flora and fauna. The landscapes are fantastic: the Pacific Ocean, Andes Mountains, and the Amazon are a guaranteed change of scenery! The country's cultural heritage and its impressive history made us dream.”

Arnaud et Gaétane Delacroix (France)

"Our family project is to travel to all the continents before the children can fly alone. This year, we decided to go to South America. We chose Peru for its cultural richness and natural diversity. We had a good idea of ​​the main places we wanted to see. On a forum about Peru, I read good comments about a certain Arnaud Circuit in Peru. I got in touch with him and with other suppliers that operated from Europe.

Only the Peru Circuit could really adapt to our requests and we felt like it offered a true knowledge of the country. Arnaud immediately understood what we were looking for in a custom-made family trip, avoiding the trite paths as much as possible, and allowing us to see a good part of the country. The trip was planned little by little through emails or Skype calls with Arnaud. Finally, our program was organized as follows: Lima, Arequipa, Colca Valley, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and its archaeological sites, Machu-Picchu, and a walk in the Cordillera Blanca to finally reach the beach of Mancora near Ecuador. All of this in three weeks.

Arnaud knows excellent, fascinating guides who speak French and who allowed the children to participate a lot. In the Cordillera Blanca, we had the opportunity to spend three days with Marc, a Frenchman who lives in Peru six months out of the year. In Cusco, Feliciano knew everything about the Incas and, in particular, about Machu-Picchu (which he knows better than tour guides do). He has already been there 250 times and is always ready to go back again! In Arequipa, José conveyed to us the love for his country. On Lake Titicaca, Tito spoke passionately about the traditions of his region. The choice of guides made up for 50% of the success of this trip!

In conclusion, we had a great trip, which was intense and wonderful at the same time. Of course, one thing or another thing could be changed (the order of the details), but I give it a 9/10 rating. If you want to ask us questions, ask Arnaud for our address."

Philippe, Daphne, Camille, Martin y Valentine from Brussels

Philippe Draguet (Belgium)

I will never forget the adventure called Peru/Bolivia which I took when I was 19 years old. My first real trip!! Wow! One word to say it all! “Sabor” (flavor)! Famous expression by Victor, our great guide with whom we walked for 5 days to discover the legendary Machu Picchu. The latter marks the grand finale of my trip to the island of Amantani on Lake Titicaca.

With only my backpack and impeccable organization, I was able to go to the conquest of the dorado as a conquistador, traveling the roads, always and at all times marveling at the radiant flow of treasures and mysteries that surround each city and its inhabitants: Arequipa and Puno (where I was received as a queen!).

Thank you very much for this amazing trip, without a doubt with "mucho sabo” (extreme coolness).

Marie Trouve (France)

"Wonderful trip to the south of Peru, which we will never forget. From Arequipa to Machu Picchu, passing through Lake Titicaca, impressive landscapes, beautiful Inca sites, welcoming people, everything came together perfectly. And the cherry on top was that we greatly enjoyed the company of our passionate, exciting guides. In the end, the organization was fluid and perfect and it allowed us to enjoy our stay without having to worry about the rest. Our friends had recommended the Peru Circuit and from now on we will recommend Lamalpaca without hesitation!”

Ludivine Vion (France)

“This trip has been pending for many years so it was important to make the right decisions during its preparation.

Like many, we did not know who to entrust "the keys to this trip” to. The search for comments and opinions on websites led us to Lamalpaca, an option that has proven to be excellent: Whether because of the tour selection, guides, transportation, etc. ... We especially appreciated the discreet, but very efficient handling, of our trip by Mr. Chabriere, who relieved us of all concerns.

All we had to do was appreciate the immersion into the heart of a wonderful Peru that, despite its organized nature, was not without surprises. This trip is a unique trip, because it was adapted to our own choice with the advice of the guides and Mr. Chabriere. If we had to return to Peru, Bolivia or Chile ... We would contact Lamalpaca without a moment’s hesitation.”

Gerard Beaud (France)

“We are very happy to have embarked on the trip “The City of the Gods” with "lamalpaca.com." During the preparation phase, we greatly appreciated the speed and kindness with which Arnaud Chabrière responded to our requests for adaptation or information. During the trip (June 20 – July 4, 2014) we appreciated that he followed the course of the tour. We had a detailed roadmap.

In each of the four regions we visited, we were received and accompanied by a local, competent, French-speaking guide. A guide for four people is a precious possibility of unique and enriching exchange. The route and visits to sites or museums were well planned and balanced. By climbing gradually, we were able to avoid altitude sickness. Our only "weapon": the coca sweets we bought when leaving Arequipa.

We asked for comfortable hotels and quiet rooms: we got them and, often, much better than what we had asked for. We drank a traditional Peruvian drink, Pisco Sour, and ate typical dishes several times, but that was not the responsibility of the organization, of course. Small detail: I am allergic to gluten: the restaurants knew of the problem and adapted voluntarily. At breakfast, there was no gluten-free bread, but I discovered "tamales," a kind of salty or sweet corn dough. Not too bad.”

Monique Jordens (Belgium)

“In our search for a private trip for a small group, we found Arnaud, a real partner in the construction of our travel project: itinerary, high-quality accommodations and, often, well-written, inspiring guides, tours and detours in unforgettable places. The trip was fantastic, both for adults and children (5 and 1 years old).”

Fabrice Stephan (France)

“A challenge to make us travel and get to know Peru, from Lima to Arequipa, to the Titicaca Islands, to Cusco and Machu Picchu, all in 13 days? Masterfully done, without any problems and with innovative routes (outside the ordinary or trite routes)!

Everything was perfect: the choice of the route, hotels, excellent French-speaking guides with unique personalities who were all very kind and talented; they were unparalleled guides to help us discover their country, fauna, flora, history, and traditions ... We did not have to worry about anything: visits, lunch boxes and snacks, transportation to the airport; everything was meticulously planned. We also had free time, which made our vacation real and magnificent. The only concern we had was finding the best restaurant for the evening. We recommend this custom-made circuit 100%. Thank you so much!!”

Véronique Ferrazzi (France)

“We are four friends who left the organization of our 15-day stay in Peru in the hands of Arnaud. We never regretted it! Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end: transportation, hotels, tours, guides, meals ... He was able to answer all of our questions and expectations. These fifteen days were a true vacation and our only concern was finding in what good restaurants we were going to eat!”

Lucie Van Meenen & Maéva Renaudeau (France)

“Peru is without a doubt a dreamy destination. The natural, physical, cultural and historical wealth of this country has made it an extraordinary choice when it comes to making a memorable travel option. On the other hand, to ensure that you have a good experience, the organization of the trip must be excellent. It is for this reason that we placed all our trust in the agency lamalpaca.com and we were not disappointed.

In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the impeccable monitoring carried out by this agency throughout our stay and the professionalism and quality of the private guides, who made our trip incredibly special. We also greatly appreciate the fact that Lamalpaca organized a personalized trip based on our particular requests, that all of our transportation needs were taken care of and that, compared to all the tourists we met, our trip was, by far, the most organized.

Thanks once again for this unforgettable adventure!”

Patricia Moreno & Steven Bouffard (Canada)

“I am incredibly thankful to Lamalpaca since it was because of them that I was able to undergo such an extraordinary, magical and unforgettable experience. Thank you for the professionalism, the impeccable organization, being open to sometimes extravagant requests and thank you for the security and well-being which you offered. I am a woman who has been filled with all the splendor and grandeur of this journey through this mystical country of Peru.” Kim

Kim Bellerive (Canada)

“Thanks for the exceptional service that we received. Feliciano, a guide like no other, met our expectations and whenever I had questions, he found the perfect answer. The transportation service was very comfortable. When I wanted to stop to take a photo or photos, the driver was very good at doing whatever I asked. All my expectations were met: punctuality in our schedule during our stay, a courteous guide, excellent French, with no difficulty understanding him, foresight. To sum it up, we had a very pleasant trip. I would not hesitate for a single second to go to lamalpaca.com to organize another one of my trips and I will definitely recommend it to those who want to travel to Peru.

Thank you very much once again for this beautiful package to Machu Picchu.”

Mario Desrochers & Isabel Martin (Canada / Perú)

“I would like to thank you for the trip that was organized. It was both very professional and very pleasant. The guides who accompanied us allowed us to discover such a surprising, exciting world. Even the food was extraordinary (except for the problems of a few people!).

Greetings to you and your Peruvian family.”

Ida & Jacques Lanteri-Minet (Monaco)

“I am returning home after 15 days, but I am returning with beautiful images that will forever remain in my mind. I spend my free time admiring my photos.

I really had 15 wonderful days in Peru. There I received a wonderful welcome from very kind families, saw extraordinary landscapes and experienced a very rewarding culture. I was able to exercise my passion (photography) with so much pleasure.

During this trip, I enjoyed everything, but mainly Lake Titicaca, its islands and friendly inhabitants, and the Colca Valley and its enchanting landscapes. The organization of the trip was irreproachable and the guides lived up to what I expected (always present and sharing the specificities of the country with me). All of this allowed me to fully enjoy my trip.

Thank you so very much for the organization (I think it deserves the bottle of champagne!). I already recommended your agency to friends who very interested in a trip to Peru after seeing my photos.

Thanks once again!”

Olivier Gautron (France)

“We had a wonderful trip. From the organizational point of view, everything went according to plan without any mistakes. We really liked the circuit that was planned for us. It allowed us to discover Peru from several different angles. The guides we had were all different and very interesting. Junior told us many legends that are told to children. He also knew the area of Lake Titicaca very well. Tito, as far as Peruvian spirituality is concerned, is great. I do not think we could have done better than visiting the funeral towers. And Feliciano, wow! An archaeologist who took us to see the Inca ruins ... what else could you ask for?

As for the hike, we loved it. We cannot complain –  the food was excellent, the staff was dedicated ... To summarize, it was a wonderful trip. It is obvious that when we return to Peru, to visit the rest of the country, we will be using your services.”

Nathalie, Serge et Etienne Desbiens (Canada)

“Hello, we have returned from a 3-week trip to Peru, which was privately organized by your agency. This message is to recommend this young man from Lamalpaca.com, who does his job in an old-fashioned way. Almost every day he makes telephone call to stay in close touch with his clients, and stays in direct and immediate contact with hotels or restaurants.

An excellent choice of guides and drivers. Open to all requests and extra petitions. Excellent guidance, which is not so easy in the midst of the multitude of agencies that work in this field. It is not insignificant: with the same benefits, it was the cheapest of the agencies that we compared them with.

Bravo!!!” Serge and Louisette

Serge et Louise Pareit (France)

“Two acquaintances have already asked for references upon our return to our country in awe ... We had so many encounters to share ... extraordinary memories of these brave, generous people, who live so close to the nutritious soil with their hard-working customs. Despite natural disasters ... colorful terraces, Andean skirts, flowers, the peaceful and magical Lake Titicaca – it was a journey that enriched us, taught us, and was so special for us...

Thank you for the impeccable organization, the combination of independence, reliability and the great opportunity to have allowed us to meet your friend who guided us to Puno: Georges. We send you our best wishes and wish Lamalpaca the best of luck.”

Marie et Alain Boussarie (France)

“Your agency did an excellent job at organizing my Peru/Bolivia trip, which allowed me to fulfill my dream without any concerns or problems. I especially appreciated the cordiality and punctuality of the various guides during my trip from Lima to Puno.

The beauty of the landscapes and the inhabitants of the highlands filled me with joy and emotions. Thank you so much for your availability, your welcome to Puno, and your advice for the rest of my trip from Puno to Cusco.”

Philippe Berthoux (France)

“Our stay in Peru was stupendous. We returned with many photos and memories. Some were related to the phases which were a bit more difficult than expected, for example, the walk to the Colca: the first day of descent was quite difficult. In the end, we saved energy by using mules for the climb up. Other parts of the trek went as planned: mountain-bike downhill (perfect, super nice), optional zip line (excellent site and good organization), hike in the valley to reach the foot of Machu Picchu, rafting near Arequipa.

In any case, the guides for the hikes were professional and paid attention to their group. To summarize, we recommend this circuit if you want to discover different aspects of Peru and are in sufficient physical condition for days with more than 6 hours of walking high up in the altitude.”

Alain Heck (Canada)

“We had several guides throughout the trip. They were all charming, well-informed, competent and helpful. The sequences were well organized. We went from one guide to another with the impression that they were from the same organization because they had the same warmth. They shared so much of their knowledge with us.

We were filled with knowledge of the culture and fantastic images. All requests were provided for. Security, punctuality, and comfort were just some of the features during each trip! From the simple minivan that was exclusively for the six of us, to the public transportation (from Arequipa to Puno for 350 km: we had seats right up front and on the top – in the panoramic bus – front row seats during our trips. Thank you to the person responsible for making our reservations).

The train to Machu Picchu was impressive because of the landscape. The local taxis, at our expense but cheap, allowed us to enjoy our free time to get to know the people. The main plaza, markets and restaurants (good and cheap). The hotels were good quality, although in different levels and in types of service, but they were very good.

Oh yes, very important for internet addicts! In all our hotels, we had free WIFI!!! What a pleasure at night to be able to talk to our family via Skype! Congratulations to the team that assisted us and guided us in the discovery of this beautiful country.”

Alain Esteve (France)