General Conditions

General Conditions

1- Registration

If you wish to register for one of our individual or group trips, you must first accept without reservations/objections our general and special conditions.

The registration will be taken into account as of the signing of the contract between the seller and the buyer and the payment of a deposit of 40% of the total amount of the services. See the payment terms below.

In case the date of departure for your tour is less than 30 days from the date of signing the contract, you must pay 100% of the total amount of services.


2- The price

The price of the trip is indicated by the seller to the customer at the time of registration in the contract. The prices do not include personal expenses.

The prices of our tours are in USD (US dollars) because we pay most of our service providers in this currency.


3- Transatlantic Flights

International air tickets from the client's country of origin to Peru and vice versa are not included in our programs.


4- Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are included in our programs, as well as airport taxes, unless these amounts are mentioned in the "Not included" section.


5- The Hotels

The list of hotels on your trip is shown in the program at the end of each day. We have chosen to define the different categories of hotels by stars to provide readable information immediately. We use local standards.

On occasion, we may be forced to replace the hotel provided by another hotel of similar category in case there is no availability of rooms in the latter at the time of the official reservation. We will inform you, of course, of this change.


6- Local Guides

Local guides will welcome you at each stage of your trip and offer excursions. They will bring the local touch that characterizes their own region. The guide will speak Spanish or English, according to the language defined in the excursions mentioned in your program.


7- The Drivers

Some of our individual trips are offered only with a local driver. It needs to be understood that the drivers are not English and can often only speak a few words of English.

The service is provided in the defined program and is only responsible for your transportation. The itinerary and the time of the appointment should be consulted with him every day.


8- Tips

It is important to know that tips are suggested, but not obligatory, in order to acknowledge the service performed by your guide, driver, etc.

The recommended tips are:

-Guides: Between 10 and 15 soles per day and per person.

-The driver: between 5 and 10 soles per day and per person.

-Restaurants: 5% of the bill.

-Payment in hotels: 1 sol per suitcase.


9- Collective Service (Shared Transportation)

This service, which is occasionally offered in our programs because it is cheaper than a private service, is operated by bringing together several participants on the site with one or more multilingual local guides. It implies guests from several hotels will be picked up at the beginning and returned at the end of the excursion. The quality of the service cannot be compared with that of a private service.


10- Cancellation by the Client

If you cancel more than 60 days before departure, we will refund the full amount of the deposit paid, minus the non-refundable fees already incurred by our agency and bank fees when paying the deposit.

In case of cancellation between 60 days and 45 days before departure, 50% of the deposit paid will be refunded (the costs of banking transactions will be at your expense).

If you cancel within less than 45 days before departure, there will not be any refunds since our agency will have already incurred the expenses of your stay.

Failure to show up at the departure meeting or interruption of the trip by the participant for any reason will not result in any refund.


11- Cancellation by the Agency 

In the event of a cancellation on our part due to a case of reasons beyond our control (for example: social or political upheaval that would not guarantee the minimum security conditions required), you will be paid the full amount of the deposit, except for bank charges and the non-reimbursable expenses incurred by our agency, upon presentation of the receipts. No compensation will be paid. If you have not contracted cancellation insurance for your international flight, our agency will not be responsible and will not intervene in the refund of the same.

You will be free to accept these proposals or not. If you reject them, you will be reimbursed the total amount paid, minus bank charges. No compensation will be paid.


12- Modification of the Program

For reasonably justified reasons, our agency reserves the right to modify a means of transportation, accommodation, a route, as well as the schedules of certain excursions, without the participants being able to demand any compensation.

Our agency is not responsible for the consequences of any type of alteration of the program caused by the closure of airports, weather conditions or other reasons, such as flight delays, political situations, war, strike, change of aircraft type and/or any other circumstance beyond our control. The additional costs generated by this type of alteration of the program are the responsibility of the passenger.

Our agency declines all responsibility for personal injuries, accidents, illnesses, as well as robberies, extractions, damages or losses. In addition, the luggage is at all times the responsibility of the participant.


13- Risks and Insurance

Be aware that the specific security conditions of each country, the sometimes remote location of medical centers and the activities carried out contain certain risks that you knowingly accept.

Our agency does not provide insurance. We ask that you obtain repatriation insurance and send us a copy of the contract. In general, these assistance contracts are already included in the services of your credit card or health insurance. If you do not have repatriation assistance, we will ask you to sign a waiver of liability.


14- Formalities

Participants must respect local regulations regarding customs, passports, and vaccines. Our agency cannot be held responsible for the possible consequences of the participant’s non-compliance regarding a form.


15- Payment Conditions

The registration is effective upon payment of a deposit of 40% of the total amount of the services, which implies the acceptance of our terms and conditions of subscription.

This payment will be made via credit card using a secure link that we will send to you or by bank transfer.

We give you the opportunity to pay the balance of the remaining 60% with a credit card, bank transfer or directly upon arrival with your guide at the beginning of your trip. In the latter case, we will give you a 5% discount from the total amount of the balance and the payment must be made in USD in cash (the bills must be intact, without cuts and without anything written on them).